Snake Player

Make Your Video Players Bite!

The Underground Video Player Choice.

Create Custom Video Players, Trim YouTube Videos, Get The Widest Device and Browser Support, Add Events Such as In-Video opt-in Forms, Call To Action Buttons, Social Sharing, Hundreds of Special Effects And More.

Snake Player Key Features...

Unbranded Player

You make your players look how you want them too.

There is no "Snake Player" branding on your videos and if you like you can even add your own custom branding to really stamp things as your own.

Plays on ALL Devices

Snake Player not only works on every device, it intelligently serves up the best video format for that device.

You can automatically show more compressed versions on mobiles saving you bandwidth and making the users viewing experience better (less buffering)

Start and Stop Timer

You can set the start and end point of any video!  Got a long video and you only want to show a section of it?  No problem!

Found a YouTube video you want to share but don't want to show all the branding at the start and end?  Easy!

Total Control

Our advanced customization lets you set the color of every part of your player, configure borders, shadows, decide what controls to show and hide and much more.

And if you're using this to play YouTube videos, annotations and other annoyances won't show.

Full HTML 5 Compliance

Snake Player is already compliant with the latest changes coming to Chrome as they drop MP4 support.  

This means you can be assured your video will play regardless of what web browser or device your visitor is using.

See how our YouTube Trimming and General Playing is Streaks Ahead of the Competition...

Brand X Player

Snake Player

Point and Click Simple Videos Everywhere...

WordPress or HTML

Embed your Snake Players in any site.  HTML, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

Snake Player plays well with everything.  It even works fine inside page builder plugins like Optimize Press, InstaBuilder and Thrive Themes.

Central Editing

Both video players and player templates are edited from inside your Snake Player account.

Make a change and instantly have it update on all your sites using that player.

Nothing To Install

Snake Player is Software as a Service and all your video players are managed from an online account.

So there's no scripts to upload and install.  Just login and go!

Save a Ton of Money

Why pay for your video hosting when you can use the enormous power of the always free and reliable YouTube?

Your videos will still look a million dollars thanks to our amazing configurable controls!

Works With Any Video

Although Snake Player makes using YouTube a real option it is by no way limited to YouTube.

Snake Player will also play your own MP4 and other format videos that could be self hosted, or on Dropbox or S3

Snake Player Does All This...

  • Auto Play Your Videos - Ideal for Video Sales Pages.
  • Make Your Players Fully Responsive and Mobile Friendly.
  • Block Annotations on YouTube videos.
  • Disable Full Screen Mode
  • Maintains 100% Compliance With YouTube's Terms of Use
  • Make Non-Standard Size Video Players (Great for Making Video Banners)
  • Add Watermarks or Custom Player Branding
  • Add Powerful CTA's to Your Videos and Even Prevent Viewers From Continuing Until They Click or Subscribe!

And Just Wait Until You See The Insane CTA Features...

Get Lifetime Access* to Snake Player For a
One Time Payment of Just $297

There Are No Upsells.  We Don't Sell You a Basic Version and Charge Extra for Add-ons!

Just Some Of The Exciting Things You Get With Snake Player...

    • Custom Design Your Own Video Players In Just Moments
    • Save your custom designs as themes, and instantly apply them to other videos
    • ...or Instantly choose from ready to go professionally designed themes
    • Make your video POP, with 8 different borders in 50 sizes!
    • Show/Hide/Auto Video Player Controls - simply click to choose!
    • Select to auto-start video once, or every time the player loads!
    • Powerful transparency effects with a full range of 0-100%
    • First impressions last with your pre-load video poster option
    • Ad custom promotions to your videos with a post-video poster, that loads at the end of the video.
    • Cool customisation options including choosing your own play handle

And we're only just getting started...

    • Use YouTube, Vimeo or direct video files including MP4, WEBM, OGV, 3GP and More!
    • Link multiple videos together by automatically redirecting viewers to another video
    • Automatically redirect viewers to another website or offer page at any time in the video
    • Optional custom video files for mobile devices.
    • Setup different videos for different devices (even run device targeted video promotions!)
    • Water-Mark all your videos with your linkable business logo
    • Timed video events including images and opt-in forms
    • Image animations
    • Video Opt-In form Generator
    • Inbuilt Autoresponder
    • Build your list with integrated autoresponers including: Awebser, GetResponse and InfusionSoft
    • Add your own Autoresponders (Advanced users can integrate any autoresponder)
    • And so much more!

Get Lifetime Access* to Snake Player For a
One Time Payment of Just $297 $97

There Are No Upsells.  We Don't Sell You a Basic Version and Charge Extra for Add-ons!
This is The Fullest, Feature Packed and ONLY Version We Sell.

Unlimited Players

Once you start using Snake Player we know you'll want to use it on all your websites.

You can!

We will never limit how many players you create.

No Recurring Fees

Pay one time, use it forever.

No monthly rebills, no annual support charges.

You even get all the future updates and addons we do at no extra charge too!

Unlimited Views

Other players charge extra for more views.  Not us.

We will never impose view limits on you or ask for more money just because you've got a wildly successful video.

That would just suck!

30 Day Guarantee

If for any reason (or no reason at all) you decide Snake Player is not for you, just open a support ticket at any time in the first 30 days and we will refund all your money.

No Quibble, No Fuss.

Superb Support

Snake Player is super easy to use and even though it includes hundreds of customization options it really is easy to master. 

But should you need any assistance you have full access to our wonderful support team via our helpdesk.


If for any reason (or no reason at all) you decide Snake Player is not for you, we don't want your money!

Just open a support ticket or fire us an email at any time in the first 30 days after purchase and we will give you a prompt and courteous refund.

No Quibble, No Fuss, No Questions Asked.  That is our promise to you.​

Frequently Asked Questions...

"Can I Use Snake Player on ALL My Blogs and Websites?"

Yes!  You get unlimited players with no restrictions.  You can use these on all your sites and blogs.  And it plays nicely with WordPress and all the other major CMS's

"Is Snake Player Compliant With All YouTube's Terms and Conditions?"

Yes!  Snake Player is 100% compliant with all the terms of service of YouTube.  We don't do anything that breaks their rules and would land you in trouble.  We love YouTube!

"Do You Have Tutorial Videos?"

Yes!  In fact we let you see our tutorials before purchase if you'd like to.  Click Here to see them.

"Can Snake Player Create Responsive Players?"

Yes!  In fact try resizing your browser and watch how the videos on this page behave.  Our players are fully responsive and fluid (although you can still create fixed size players too!)

"Why Is Snake Player Better Than a Paid Solution?"

We are not saying it is - and that is why we still give you the option to host your videos on S3 or another hosting service if you wish.  But when you can customize your player as much as you can with Snake Player why not save some money and lower your hosting bills?

"Why Not Just Use a WordPress Plugin?"

Snake Player gives you the fullest control and you can quickly edit your video players centrally without ever having to tweak or adjust your pages and posts again.  Plus our players work anywhere so if you need to embed the same video outside of your WordPress blog - it's not a problem.

"How long is lifetime access?"

Snake Player came out in 2016 and is still working today (2020). However, we are now at a point where further code updates are becoming less possible without a total re-write. If any major changes are made to the API's that we use, it is unlikely we can patch the code.  But we will do all we can to keep this working at our end. SnakePlayer has it's own dedicated server instance, using a heavily security patched copy of PHP 5.6.  We cannot convert this code to PHP7 easily. 

So you have our promise that we will keep this alive for as long as is practically possible. So, as with most "lifetime" software, you are getting full access to the current version of the platform, as-is. It is not viable to sell a service like this for a one time price and be able to maintain it forever!

This is better that YouTube embedding, but obviously not as good as Vimeo Pro which costs hundreds every year!